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Mgr. Pavel Lacko

Mental coach and strategist

Pavel has been working with the elite mental trainer Ing. Radek Šefčík for a number of years. He is a practical person who cares about results that show a measurable change and improvement in the client. His clientele includes businessmen, top managers, professional athletes, companies, and the general public from Hong Kong, San Francisco and New York, as well as the Slovak Republic. The purpose of the training is to help individuals to advance in business, leadership, emotional intelligence, deep communication, relationships, and overall performance.
He worked in special forces for 12 years, nine of which as a negotiator in crisis situations. During this time he was twice honoured for saving life. His experience in real crisis situations gave Pavel the opportunity to test the functionality of mental, negotiation, relationship and emotional principles in challenging situations. Now he passes them on to his clients.
Whilst Pavel has spent many years of physical training, he sought to find a healthy form of exercise that includes the development of human senses, the speed of pressure response, the healing of joints and vitality to an old age. He has enriched his system with mental principles that one can instantly and independently use in real life situations. Pavel has been creating this innovative system together with a team of experts with many years of experience.

Ing. Martin Maštalír, PhD

Business coach and strategist

In the team, Martin focuses primarily on personal development in the field of strategy and communication. Throughout 20 years of experience, he has helped individuals and companies with conceptual routing and setting strategic and business goals. He loves to move things forward and discover solutions that work in a practical life. He believes that a well-set direction for society as well as individual development and defining a clear goal help in all practical areas of business and everyday life. He has gained experience with multinational companies but also in his own startup business. An important part of his view is also his engagement in non-profit sector projects. He says that there is no need to wait for great opportunities, it is important to look at the world around, and if everyone contributes a small part, together we can change much more.

Ing. Ľubomír Kadnár

The main mental games coach

Within the team he is involved in the development of the physical aspect of Mental Games. This includes the development of human senses, the right response to situations, the prevention of injuries, natural movement and decision-making under the stress. The system has been supplemented by his experience which he gained and directly verified in practice. He is a graduate of courses of the Supervision of Instructors and Specialists working within the fields of security, VIP protection and the fight against terrorism in Slovakia and abroad. He has 25 years of experience in security, tactical team leadership, defense shooting under pressure and self-defense. He is an instructor of the Krav Maga self defence system in the MAGA GLOBAL CRAFT association. He concentrates on the work of people in stressful situations, assessing situations and responding to a stimulus, perceptual experience and practical transfer to life.

Mgr. Pavol Pagáč

Mental games coach

Within the team he is involved in the development of the physical aspect of Mental Games. This involves the development of overall human flexibility, prevention of injuries, natural movement and various forms of human conditioning with respect to nature and human health. The system has been supplemented by the experience he gained and directly verified in many years of practice. He has 25 years of experience in the sports field.

Mgr. Matúš Dzian

Personal trainer

Personal trainer with over 20 years of experience in the sports industry. In addition to a university degree (at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of the Comenius University in Bratislava, the Department of Sport and Regeneration), he is continuously studying in the areas of training process, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and high performance in sport. He regularly attends international seminars, courses and workshops on various methods to increase physical and mental performance in connection to human motion. He uses the latest knowledge from different areas and applies it to the training process. According to functional movement diagnostics he sets subjective training plans, which lead his clients to correct movement routines. With his individual approach as well as group exercises, he has a positive impact on the performances of individuals and the whole team.

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