Ing. Radek Šefčík

Peak performance coach and strategist

I have known Palo for several years, and we have really been coaching a great deal together. He started out like any of us, from complete beginnings. During that time, however, he quickly developed and showed great potential. At the same time he shows high analytical skills combined with the ability to perceive the personality as a whole, which is the basis for further progress. I highly recommend him as a coach

Andrej Tatík

Territorial Director of Fincentrum

I found Palo Lacko myself. I went by chance into the store where they sold food supplements and there worked a boy (who I hope will still work there even after I write this) ϑ who whenever we talked, he always recommend something extra that was not in the store - which aroused interest and confidence in me, because he was paid for selling what he had exhibited in the store. That's how he told me about a man who works with his own body and mind and he was from Trenčín. I found out more through publicly available sources and, after the third attempt at calling him, since he was very busy,I finally managed to meet him. I think that Paul is really special. He lives and does what he says. His natural interest in me and my progress made me very comfortable. I've been looking for such a person myself. My own expectations have been exceeded and are still being expanded further. I have realized and applied the procedures that give me the maximum benefit at work, family, sport and myself. It turns out that I get more of what I want in my life and less of what I do not want. I did not expect this to be such fun, nor that the trip could be as exciting as reaching the goal. After 8 years in the Army and 15 years in the financial business with a network of more than 500 associates, I have to say that I only know a few people I consider to be so inspiring. I met Pali at the right time and in the right place. Thank you, Pali, for everything I have got from you and your team.

Ján Kačúr

Project manager J&T Bank and founder Winwest club

Even if you were to spend your last money, it is worth investing in, because you are investing in the most valuable thing you have. Yourself! And it will come back to you a thousand times!

It is not about shallow bullshit, empty patting on shoulders, and increasing egos. If you are looking for these things, do not try Pali . There is a lot of motivational gurus who might make your mood better for a few days, but that is where it will end ...

If you want more, to get deeper within yourself and work hard for a long time and get the best of it, so this is the right way. The progress and positive emotions you will start to experience will change your life.
Thank you Pali

Ďakujem Pali

Milan Moravek

Chief Sales and Customers Service Officer at O2

I met Palo three years ago when I was looking for a personal coaching to get better in my job. Although I worked daily with different people and solved stressful situations, coaching of Palo helped me to make things better. I have managed to balance my private and professional life, which is a problem for many managers. With great deployment at work, privacy often suffers. Everything is a question of priorities , you just need to get rid of activities that do not bring you any value and build important exits. Palo helped me improve my planning and prioritization, and now I manage to do things with more ease day by day, following small routines.
I have also learned to work with different types of people. I began to listen and understand their diverse attitudes and motivations. I can manage my emotions better and prepare myself better for a lot of meetings where I need to be at ease.
Palo daily works on his skills and is constantly improving himself not only on a mental but also on a physical level. After the meetings with him, I am always motivated to move one step forward.

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Zsolt balogh

Supervízor Telekom

Great strategies how to change your life from basics, your way of thinking about yourself, how your past influence what and where are you now in your relationship, at work and what is your life purpose. Many useful informations how to quit doing bad habits and change them for better one, which can helps us to be more effective in your job, sport, relationships and feel satisfietd. Great work from great person! KEEP IT UP!

Lucia Henčelová

Owner Universal Consulting

If you are looking for solutions, improvement and great life, you need to contact Pavel. During his coaching he will not let you go without success. Pavel is good choice if you are looking for a change. Positive one.

Jan Dzanaj

Master of Slovakia in boxing

I had a match for Slovakia's title in boxing, I was nervous and unconfident. Palo helped me to get rid of these negative thoughts and feelings and I was really looking forward to the match.
I regained my lost self-confidence and I wanted to win the match .
Never before would I thought that this could be the result of a mental training. In the match I finally won. Thank you very much for this and I can say that without you I would hardly win the match!

Lubomír Klčo


Pali is an amazing person who combines perfectly the physical and mental sides of personality. Kalokagathia in his understanding has a completely different dimension.

Overcoming physical borders goes hand in hand with mental development, strategy and improvement of yourself. Pali helped me implement strategies, habits, routines and procedures into my life that help me manage difficult situations.

His help with setting diet and training is already just the icing on the cake. Thank you for your advice and patience and endless hours spent on the phone and skype.

Michael Ryan

Coach in San francisco

Palo's performance psychology strategies have improved my personal relationships, the growth of my business and time management skills.

Apart from my own personal development, his guidance has also helped me facilitate mentality training for young athletes as a supplement to their sports specific and strength & conditioning programs. I would recommend to anyone interested in improving themselves to utilize Palo's services.

Jesse Gooding

Coach in Hong Kong

"I've only spent 3 days with Palo Lacko and I've learned more about life from his coaching than 30 years of past experiences. Personal development is a complex and misunderstood field in human behaviour. Understanding people's motives and behaviours is just as important as understanding yourself. Being a master of communication is the golden key  to success. Knowledge means nothing without application. To perceive, understand and anticipate the needs of others and yourself is among the best methods for fixing everything in your life. Very thankful to have this opportunity to work with him closely for a week and experience many great places, amazing food and lots of laughter!"
Thanks my friend

Peter Bas

Founder and co-owner B&B partners group

Pali, thank you for all these years, strategic steps and a lot of time that you have given me to solve my problems. I can see a huge progress in all the areas we have gone through and I look forward to new challenges!

Lucia Horníčková

Regional Director Wustenrot

When I heard about you for the first time I could not believe how strong our psyche could be and how much our feelings can control our lives. I am 32 years old and all my life I have been trying to prove to people around me my "perfection". I wanted to be successful at work, in my private life and always look perfect at any cost . I was chasing these goals, which are not even goals, because they have no boundaries and never end. I completely forgot about myself! Me, not as a successful manager, or a perfect partner, friend, but as a woman. A woman who forgot to love and respect herself, and who wished to receive admiration, love, and appreciation from somebody else. Certainly everyone, sometimes, chases for admiration, appreciation and love and when it seems they already have it all, they do not enjoy it, and worst of all, they do not value it, because it is still not perfect. We forget to enjoy our own journey. Today I know that successful women in business can not have the same meter of success in business and in their private life. My intuition and judgment in business has never betrayed me, so why does it not go at the same way in my life when it works in business? Well, as I say here, "she said on the stone "! No man is looking for a partner that is a controlling businesswoman, a woman wearing trousers. He wants a partner, wife who is a sexually active woman, and in the first place a woman who listens, a woman who does not want to be perfect, a woman who does not judge, and a woman who makes him feel special.
Today I know I have achieved that. I started to respect myself again, I can see the Good in me again, I forgave myself, I understood my past. I do not judge people, I enjoy every moment of my own life and I am grateful for my achievements whether in business or in private life.
Having my emotions under control is not easy, it requires practice. I would say that that it requires lifelong practice.
I could see my progress very quickly. It was the same as doing sport. Thank you for everything you have taught me. You gave me more than you think. You gave me hope for a better tomorrow. My self development has not finished yet. I am continuously working on building my strong personality.
Thank you very much indeed.

JUDr. Oliver Poláček

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