Leader of the 21st Century

  • Level 1 – Working with emotions

    In the first level, one learns to work with himself with his emotions, discipline and other important tools.


  • Level 2 – Dealing with oneself

    When he can manage himself, he can advance to the second level of leading one person. Here they learn to read what is happening in the head of the other person and to communicate with him at the level of needs. He is able to understand it and positively influence it on performance.


  • Level 3- Group leadership

    On the third level, he can lead the group. Here they will learn how to recruit the right people, how to communicate at a deep level, and how to communicate with different types of people. They learn to know the members of the working group and individually tailor the leadership style to the individual. They learn to measure important factors in the workgroup and other factors important to management needs.

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